power of attorney

Power of Attorney

Advance Directive a/k/a Power of Attorney

Recently, an Advance Directive became the substitute for Powers of Attorney. Whether called an Advance Directive or Power of Attorney, this document allows you to designate who is going to act on your behalf after you are no longer capable of doing so for yourself. The word “power” means document and the word “attorney” means agent. Having a power of attorney gives written documentary authority to another on your behalf. Having a power of attorney will give a third-person the power and authority to do, or not do, certain things. A power of attorney is not permanent. The authority of an agent, when revocable, may be revoked by a simple and private declaration. You as a principal have the power to revoke the authority of such an agent at any time with or without reason, therefore. A power of attorney is not permanent because the death of the principal terminates the authority of the agent. In addition, the agent’s loss of capacity terminates or suspends his authority. If the agency is coupled with an interest – it survives death.

What is an Advance Directive?

See Power of Attorney: It is a legal document signed by a competent person to provide guidance for medical and health-care decisions in the event the person becomes incompetent to make such decisions for themselves. We here at the Law Offices of Shechtel and Associates, P.A. can help you in preparing an Advance Directive.

HIPPA Release

A HIPPA release allows you to designate people who will have your authorization to access your medical records in the event you are unable to grant access yourself. A HIPPA release is necessary so that whomever you select to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to do so will have the ability to access to your medical records, and speak with your medical care providers.

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