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Did you know that the purchase of a home is the single largest transaction that most people will make during their lifetime? So, if you considering buying or selling realty, ask yourself: Who is going to be in my corner?

And please, do not answer that it is your Realtor. Upon a close reading of the Board of Realtors® contract for the purchase or sale of real estate, you may not realize it, but the contract is written not to protect you. Surprised? Why? Think about it, your Realtor is trying to make a sale.

For over forty years, Stephen A. Shechtel, Esq., has owned and/or managed both commercial or residential rental real estate. Stephen A. Shechtel, Esq., has earned licenses as a Realtor, Mortgage Banker, Insurance Agent, Certified Public Accountant, and Attorney. For over a two decades, Stephen A. Shechtel, Esq. was employed either in real estate: finance, construction, sale, management, and accounting. For the past twenty plus years, Stephen A. Shechtel, Esq., has been involved in real estate as a lawyer.

Now that is a lot of real estate experience.

what we do

We represent clients across the full spectrum of real estate matters, including but not limited to:

• The negotiation, review, and preparation of a listing agreement;
• The negotiation, review, and preparation of a purchase and sale agreements;
• The review of title and how to clear title exceptions;
• The drafting of deeds and other documents of conveyance;
• Real Estate Owned (Foreclosure) title clearance issues;
• Obtaining insurable and marketable title to affect the transfer of reality;
• Clearing Estate and Probate issues involving title;
• Title examination; Title claims and Title insurance
• Easements;
• Sale in lieu of partition;
• Clearing title of unreleased liens;
• Trustee’s deeds;
• Foreclosures and Lien/Lender Deficiencies;
• A loan, mortgage, deeds of trust and lien preparation or removal;
• Representation of you at closing;

Working as a lawyer, and previously as builder and construction lender, Stephen A. Shechtel, Esq. has a unique insight into those issues involving construction law, including the litigation of construction disputes. Throughout the years, we have represented: homeowners, developers, real estate bundlers, general and subcontractors, home improvement contractors, real estate lenders, and many other real estate related professionals, including Realtors.

We have litigated cases involving: loan disputes, fair housing, housing discrimination, mold and mold remediation, improper or faulty home improvements, fraud, insurance disputes, breach of contract, title insurance claims, improper foreclosure, predatory lending, unlicensed contractors, improper foreclosure, foreclosure, easements, sale in lieu of partition, WSSC damages, and much, much more.

We know what is necessary to represent your interests, because we have done it. We know what to do when:

  • you want to lend money to a family member or friend that is to be secured by reality;
  • you want to put your home in trust;
  • you want to buy a home with someone with whom you are not married;
  • you want to protect your home from creditors;
  • you want to protect your home during your golden years;
  • you need to sell and your partner(s) refuse to sell;
  • you want to buy out a partner who does not want to sell;
  • you are facing foreclosure or other lender action;
  • the government has issues with your ownership, including eminent domain;
  • you have issues with a condominium association;
  • you have issues with a homeowners association;
  • you are having problems with a builder or home improvement contractor;
  • you loan is being called by the bank; 
  • your insurance company refuses to pay a claim;
  • your home was flooded by sewage and WSSC refuses to compensate you for your loss.

Throughout the years we have been on both sides: we have helped lenders enforce their rights to foreclose on real property, and we have helped homeowners to stop a foreclosure. We have experience on both sides of lawsuits involving: a loan deficiency, predatory lending, contracts for deed, land installment contracts, wrap around mortgages, loan assignments, zoning issues, HOA or Condominium disputes, contract fraud, failure to disclose defects at time of purchase, mold, termites and other wood boring insects, flooding, and much more. We know what to do to transfer realty interests in cooperatives (co-op), condominium limited common element interests, rights of use and possession, air rights, mineral rights, and partial interests such as life estates.

Call us… We know the ins and outs of real estate… cold. You will be glad that you did.

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